How Does Data Recovery Process Work?

Each recovery begins with a simple phone call to Data Recovery Doctor. One of our trained, professional recovery specialists will discuss your particular need. To allow us to give the best possible service, please have on hand the make, model and manufacturer of the drive or media as well as a description describing the problem or failure occurring with your device. Evaluations begin within 12-24 hours of receipt of the device or media. Each evaluation is different depending on the type of damage and device or media being checked, an evaluation usually involves mechanical diagnostics, creating a sector copy, and assessing data integrity.
Upon completion, you will be informed of your data’s prognosis and if any parts will be necessary for a successful recovery. We will proceed to complete your data recovery when we receive your approval.

For mechanical damage, failed or compromised parts are replaced in a clean environment using exact replacement parts from a donor hard drive to ensure compliance with manufacturer warranty requirements. Special software is also employed to create an accurate image of your data. Some examples of parts that fail are read/write heads and HDA, magnets, motors, and printed circuit boards.

Recovery time typically ranges from 3-6 working days depending on circumstances such as device or media capacity size, amount of data to recover, extent of physical repair required, parts availability and complexity of file system.